In the following blog, we’ll discuss the fundamentals of airport safeguarding and consultancy. Read on to discover more.

Glint & Glare Assessments
Glint and glare assessments are crucial aspects of airport safeguarding. Essentially, these assessments involve analysing the potential impact of sunlight reflection on pilots and air traffic controllers. Put simply, glint refers to the momentary and direct reflection of sunlight off reflective surfaces, while glare refers to a continuous source of bright light that can cause visual discomfort or even temporary blindness.

To mitigate any potential hazards associated with glint and glare, airports conduct glint and glare assessments to identify and evaluate potential sources of sunlight reflection and determine their impact on aviation safety. These assessments are a crucial part of the safeguarding process and typically involve a combination of computer modelling and physical site surveys to assess the impact of reflective surfaces, such as glass windows, metal surfaces, and solar panels.

Air Traffic Management
Air Traffic Management is yet another form of airport safeguarding. Not only does this include the constant and accurate monitoring of aircraft on runways and in flight, but it also involves carrying out operational and regulatory audits, including Safety Management Systems (SMS).

It goes without saying that air traffic management is absolutely essential to the continued safety of pilots, passengers and civilians, so making sure that the correct safety and risk management procedures are in place is a must.

Expertise & Consultancy
Finally, the consultancy services, guidance, and advice of subject matter experts play a crucial role in the safeguarding process. Those overseeing the planning, construction or expansion of an airport or aerodrome should employ the services of trusted and reputable aviation consultants. Doing so will ensure that operations are not only safe but also legally compliant, no matter their scale.

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