Solar panels are becoming an increasingly popular way of generating electricity due to the positive impact they can have on climate change. However, they can have an impact on aviation. The glint and glare created by reflective surfaces have the potential to interfere with Air Traffic Control and aircraft approaching to land. Detailed assessments must be carried out for any solar panel installation near an airport, particularly under the approach or take off paths. We can carry these out in a timely and efficient way.


  • A glint and glare assessment is required to assess the visual hazard posed by reflective solar panels
  • We can provide you with a comprehensive, easy to follow report detailing best practice
  • Our specialists can identify receptors, along with the times and duration that they would potentially pose a risk You’ll receive full mitigation recommendations on how to remove or reduce the impact of glint and glare
  • Protect your flight paths.
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    Straten CSL has had its membership of the British Aviation Group accepted and truly an honour to be part of the initiatives BAG has with the UK’s Department of International Trade.

    The British Aviation Group is the leading representative body for British companies involved in aviation and airport development and operations. BAG provide world class expertise to meet the challenges of global airports and are the first port of call for global clients to connect to the full spectrum of British aviation expertise delivering solutions for airports large and small. BAG have had amazing success working in over 150 countries and at the 60 largest airports delivering value, efficiency, sustainability and resilience. Working closely with the UK’s Department for International Trade BAG provide access to intelligence on priority markets and business opportunities, connect with key decision makers through events and trade missions, provide industry news, opportunities to network build collaborative relationships.

    Straten CSL is proud to be supporting AMENA Africa with aviation expertise with its varied and promising portfolio throughout Africa.

    AMENA Africa support their clients from the conception of their expansion plan, to achieving their market entry and beyond. AMENA Africa operate at the nexus of industry and government and believe in business opportunities, not in theory. Their approach is fact-based driven and hands-on in order to ensure that our clients achieve the highest return on their investments. They are a leading pan-African market advisory firm headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya from where we coordinate projects across the continent. Covering sub-Saharan African markets with fully-owned branch offices in Nigeria, Ghana & South Africa. The key to their success is deeply rooted in their strong belief in local solutions for local challenges. All of their work is executed on the ground and benefits from their extensive networks and knowledge, which they have developed over the years in business. Having worked across various industries and are confident that almost every industry or product has great potential in Africa. The key question is; are you ready for your market assessment today? AMENA Africa; your market entry specialist in Africa!

    Straten CSL has been accepted as an Alliance member of the T-C-Alliance. A truly unique alliance of aviation professionals sharing the same ideals and integrity.

    The T-C-Alliance is a collaborative group comprising aviation training and consultancy organisations and acknowledged subject matter experts. Alliance members all have at least two things in common: they are the best at what they do and are committed to “Delivering a Quality Future for Aviation”. The Alliance members work together to share knowledge and resources to offer a complete suite of services as a ONE-STOP-SHOP for the aviation industry.