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Expert Led Airport Safeguarding

Airports are large and complex operations. Their influence extends far outside their physical location. Airport safeguarding is the process used to ensure the safety of aircraft landing, taking off, or flying in the vicinity of an airport. There are many factors to consider but the main ones are property developments and wind turbines. At Straten CSL we have decades of experience in this field and provide expert analysis. Though based in the UK, we operate internationally and have experience across 3 continents.

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Wind Turbines

Development Studies

We work with airports, property developers and renewable energy companies. We can run and interpret both feasibility and aeronautical studies for developments. Airports have a safeguarding zone of up to 50km, so these studies must be run. This way everyone can understand the impact of a property development, tall structures, or renewable energy installation may have on an airport. This is not limited to just the physical obstacles but also the impact on navigation aids such as radar.

Glint & Glare Assessments

Solar panels are a great way of generating electricity. However, they can have an impact on aviation. The glint and glare created by reflective surfaces have the potential to interfere with Air Traffic Control and aircraft approaching to land. Detailed assessments must be carried out for any solar panel installation near an airport, particularly under the approach or take off paths. We can carry these out in a timely and efficient way.

Solar Panels on Roof
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Airspace Impact Studies

Airspace impact studies can be a broad field encompassing many different areas. At its heart is a study of the operational effectiveness of the air routes connecting airports to the en-route environment. Performance Based Navigation (PBN) is at the heart of airspace efficiency and predictability, understanding the interoperability of airports and airspace is key. Impact to local communities must also be taken into considerations, specifically noise pollution. Our expert team can assist in reviewing requirements and facilitate changes.


Air Traffic Management Consultancy

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Air Traffic Management

Air traffic control is a multifaceted field that involves many complex and interdependent elements. At Straten CSL we have a great deal of practical experience in the field. We can work with you to carry out operational and regulatory audits, including Safety Management Systems (SMS). This extends to validating costs against operational requirements. This allows us to meet your legal and commercial requirements and get a greater understanding of your operational reality. 

Business Continuity Management

Our business continuity management consultancy is designed to help you understand single points of failure in your business. There are many problems that can befall an airport or air traffic control operations, they don’t need to be catastrophic to have a serious impact on your operations. We can assist in analysing and mitigating these pinch points to help minimise any downtime if an incident occurs.

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